Aerospace Bearings

Aerospace Spherical Plain Bearings

Spherical Plain bearings are utilized in assemblies, links, rotors, wings, actuation, mounts, and many more uses.

Similar to the rod end products(,) they are available in Loader Slot, Split Ball, PTFE Lined, Long Life, Metal To Metal and Elastomeric Hybrids. Self-Lubricating or lined products work well in applications where the lubrication is not practical due to location or application limitations.

The most common industry standards for the spherical plain bearings is the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) AS81820 (formerly Mil-B-81820) and AS81936 (formerly Mil-B-81936).

Some examples of the spherical basic part numbers are
MS14101 ........ Narrow Lined Spherical
MS14102 ........ Wide Lined Spherical
MS14103 ........ Wide Lined Spherical
MS14104 ........ Narrow Lined Spherical
M81936 .......... Beryllium Copper Ball Spherical

Numerous options are available for special applications based on specific conditions, such as temperature, weight, load, misalignment and load strength factors.

Have special and custom requirements for your specific needs? Please contact us.

Aerospace Long Life Spherical Bearing Interchange

Spherical Plain Bearing - Self Lubricating
Mil Spec
Governing Spec SAE-AS81820
Part Number
RFQ per item
New Hampshire
Ball Bearing
NMB Japan NMB Thailand RBC Transport Dynamics AURORA
MS14101-3 ADB3V(L) HT3V THT3V 03-825-03 ANC-3TG
MS14101-4 ADB4V(L) HT4V THT4V 03-825-04 ANC-4TG
MS14101-5 ADB5V(L) HT5V THT5V 03-825-05 ANC-5TG
MS14101-5A ADB5VA(L) HT5AV THT5AV 03-825-05A  
MS14101-6 ADB6V(L) HT6V THT6V 03-825-06 ANC-6TG
MS14101-7 ADB7V(L) HT7V THT7V 03-825-07 ANC-7TG
MS14101-8 ADB8V(L) HT8V THT8V 03-825-08 ANC-8TG
MS14101-9 ADB9V(L) HT9V THT9V 03-825-09 ANC-9TG
MS14101-10 ADB10V(L) HT10V THT10V 03-825-10 ANC-10TG
MS14101-12 ADB12V(L) HT12V THT12V 03-825-12 ANC-12TG
MS14101-14 ADB14V(L) HT14V THT14V 03-825-14 ANC-14TG
MS14101-16 ADB16V(L) HT16V THT16V 03-825-16 ANC-16TG
Part Number
RFQ per item
New Hampshire
Ball Bearing
NMB Japan NMB Thailand RBC Transport Dynamics AURORA
MS14102-3 ADW3(L) WHT3 TWHT3 03-824-03 AWC-3T
MS14102-4 ADW4(L) WHT4 TWHT4 03-824-04 AWC-4T
MS14102-5 ADW5(L) WHT5 TWHT5 03-824-05 AWC-5T
MS14102-6 ADW6(L) WHT6 TWHT6 03-824-06 AWC-6T
MS14102-7 ADW7(L) WHT7 TWHT7 03-824-07 AWC-7T
MS14102-7A ADW752(L)     03-824-07A  
MS14102-8 ADW8(L) WHT8 TWHT8 03-824-08 AWC-8T
MS14102-9 ADW9(L) WHT9 TWHT9 03-824-09 AWC-9T
MS14102-10 ADW10(L) WHT10 TWHT10 03-824-10 AWC-10T
MS14102-12 ADW12(L) WHT12 TWHT12 03-824-12 AWC-12T
MS14102-14 ADW14(L) WHT14 TWHT14 03-824-14 AWC-14T
MS14102-16 ADW16(L) WHT16 TWHT16 03-824-16 AWC-16T
Part Number
RFQ per item
New Hampshire
Ball Bearing
NMB Japan NMB Thailand RBC Transport Dynamics AURORA
MS14103-3 ADW3V(L) WHT3V TWHT3V 03-826-03 AWC-3TG
MS14103-4 ADW4V(L) WHT4V TWHT4V 03-826-04 AWC-4TG
MS14103-5 ADW5V(L) WHT5V TWHT5V 03-826-05 AWC-5TG
MS14103-6 ADW6V(L) WHT6V TWHT6V 03-826-06 AWC-6TG
MS14103-7 ADW7V(L) WHT7V TWHT7V 03-826-07 AWC-7TG
MS14103-7A ADW7V52(L) WHT7AV TWHT7AV 03-826-07A  
MS14103-8 ADW8V(L) WHT8V TWHT8V 03-826-08 AWC-8TG
MS14103-9 ADW9V(L) WHT9V TWHT9V 03-826-09 AWC-9TG
MS14103-10 ADW10V(L) WHT10V TWHT10V 03-826-10 AWC-10TG
MS14103-12 ADW12V(L) WHT12V TWHT12V 03-826-12 AWC-12TG
MS14103-14 ADW14V(L) WHT14V TWHT14V 03-826-14 AWC-14TG
MS14103-16 ADW16V(L) WHT16V TWHT16V 03-826-16 AWC-16TG
Part Number
RFQ per item
New Hampshire
Ball Bearing
NMB Japan NMB Thailand RBC Transport Dynamics AURORA
MS14104-3 ADB3(L) HT3 THT3 03-823-03 ANC-3T
MS14104-4 ADB4(L) HT4 THT4 03-823-04 ANC-4T
MS14104-5 ADB5(L) HT5 THT5 03-283-05 ANC-5T
MS14104-5A ADB5A(L)     03-823-05A  
MS14104-6 ADB6(L) HT6 THT6 03-823-06 ANC-6T
MS14104-7 ADB7(L) HT7 THT7 03-823-07 ANC-7T
MS14104-8 ADB8(L) HT8 THT8 03-823-08 ANC-8T
MS14104-9 ADB9(L) HT9 THT9 03-823-09 ANC-9T
MS14104-10 ADB10(L) HT10 THT10 03-823-10 ANC-10T
MS14104-12 ADB12(L) HT12 THT12 03-823-12 ANC-12T
MS14104-14 ADB14(L) HT14 THT14 03-823-14 ANC-14T
MS14104-16 ADB16(L) HT16 THT16 03-823-16 ANC-16T
Spherical Plain Bearing - Self Lubricating
Long Life 100,000 CYCLES
Governing Spec SAE-AS81820
Part Number
RFQ per item
MS14101A-3 MKB3V THT3V-A 03-825-03L
MS14101A-4 MKB4V THT4V-A 03-825-04L
MS14101A-5 MKB5V THT5V-A 03-825-05L
MS14101A-5A MKB5VA THT5AV-A 03-825-05AL
MS14101A-6 MKB6V THT6V-A 03-825-06L
MS14101A-7 MKB7V THT7V-A 03-825-07L
MS14101A-8 MKB8V THT8V-A 03-825-08L
MS14101A-9 MKB9V THT9V-A 03-825-09L
MS14101A-10 MKB10V THT10V-A 03-825-10L
MS14101A-12 MKB12V THT12V-A 03-825-12L
MS14101A-14 MKB14V THT14V-A 03-825-14L
MS14101A-16 MKB16V THT16V-A 03-825-16L
Part Number
RFQ per item
MS14102A-3 MKW3 TWHT3-A 03-824-03L
MS14102A-4 MKW4 TWHT4-A 03-824-04L
MS14102A-5 MKW5 TWHT5-A 03-824-05L
MS14102A-6 MKW6 TWHT6-A 03-824-06L
MS14102A-7 MKW7 TWHT7-A 03-824-07L
MS14102A-8 MKW8 TWHT8-A 03-824-08L
MS14102A-9 MKW9 TWHT9-A 03-824-09L
MS14102A-10 MKW10 TWHT10-A 03-824-10L
MS14102A-12 MKW12 TWHT12-A 03-824-12L
MS14102A-14 MKW14 TWHT14-A 03-824-14L
MS14102A-16 MKW16 TWHT16-A 03-824-16L
Part Number
RFQ per item
MS14103A-3 MKW3V TWHT3V-A 03-826-03L
MS14103A-4 MKW4V TWHT4V-A 03-826-04L
MS14103A-5 MKW5V TWHT5V-A 03-826-05L
MS14103A-6 MKW6V TWHT6V-A 03-826-06L
MS14103A-7 MKW7V TWHT7V-A 03-826-07L
MS14103A-8 MKW8V TWHT8V-A 03-826-08L
MS14103A-9 MKW9V TWHT9V-A 03-826-09L
MS14103A-10 MKW10V TWHT10V-A 03-826-10L
MS14103A-12 MKW12V TWHT12V-A 03-826-12L
MS14103A-14 MKW14V TWHT14V-A 03-826-14L
MS14103A-16 MKW16V TWHT16V-A 03-826-16L
Part Number
RFQ per item
MS14104A-3 MKB3 THT3-A 03-823-03L
MS14104A-4 MKB4 THT4-A 03-823-04L
MS14104A-5 MKB5 THT5-A 03-283-05L
MS14104A-6 MKB6 THT6-A 03-823-06L
MS14104A-7 MKB7 THT7-A 03-823-07L
MS14104A-8 MKB8 THT8-A 03-823-08L
MS14104A-9 MKB9 THT9-A 03-823-09L
MS14104A-10 MKB10 THT10-A 03-823-10L
MS14104A-12 MKB12 THT12-A 03-823-12L
MS14104A-14 MKB14 THT14-A 03-823-14L
MS14104A-16 MKB16 THT16-A 03-823-16L