Aerospace Bearings

Track & Cam Followers

Track and Cam Followers can be found in the flaps, canopies, engine controls, and doors of an aircraft. These categories of needle bearings utilize the outer ring as the moving race, where a typical ball bearing utilizes the inner ring during operation. These should be carefully selected by reviewing the bearing type, materials, loads required and specific applications.

The most common industry standard for the Track and Cam Followers is the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) AS39901. This was formerly Mil-B-39901

Some examples of the track and cam follower basic part numbers are:
MS21438 .... Single Row Track Needle Bearing
MS21439 ..... Double Row Track Needle Bearing
MS24465 ..... Single Row Heavy Duty Track Needle Bearing
MS24466 ..... Double Row Heavy Duty Track Needle Bearing
MS24461 ..... Airframe Needle Bearing
MS24463 ..... Self-aligning Single row Airframe Needle Bearing
MS24464 ..... Self-aligning Double row Airframe Needle Bearing
MS21432 ..... Cam Follower with Stud
NAS562 ....... Cam Follower with Stud

This product is produced with a variety of materials, ranging from 52100, 440C, to Proprietary Corrosion Resistant Steel.

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