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NPB Self-Lubricating Spherical Plain Bearings

In addition to our standard line of metal to metal spherical plain bearings (requiring maintenance), NPB also offers a full range of maintenance free sizes. 

NPB self-lubricating spherical plain bearings are designed for applications that require extended life
without maintenance, or where operating conditions are such that the use of the standard steel on
steel bearing is inadvisable. They are particularly well suited when the loading is in one direction, as
single directional loading prevents grease or oil from flowing into the load zone.

Instead, self-lubricating bearings utilize a liner system that is bonded to the inside diameter of the outer ring. The chrome plated inner ring, or ball, provides a smooth, hard surface to run against this liner system.

Part number and dimensional information can be found on our
website at:

Inch Series -

Metric Series -

Contact your Technical Sales Specialist for more details:

Ron Gopal, National Accounts Manager

To get the answer to this question it may better to start with a different question. So let’s try this one – What does an Angular Contact Bearing offer a designer that a Radial Ball Bearing doesn’t?

The easy answer to that question is additional thrust load
capacity. So let’s take a look at how a thrust load affects a ball bearing. Here are images of a standard bearing (left image) and an angular contact bearing (right image).

The amount of thrust load a bearing can carry is directly
related to the contact angle, shown in the drawing. Standard miniature bearings, for example, generally have contact angles of 9-25 degrees, depending on the radial play.
Angular contact bearings are available with contact angles from 15 to 40 degrees.This allows them to carry a much higher thrust load.


A radial ball bearing is designed to have the load primarily in a direction perpendicular to the axis of the bearing, that is, directly toward the center of the bearing. Depending on the radial play of the bearing, some thrust loading is possible.

Angular contact ball bearings also have raceways in the inner and outer rings that are displaced with respect to each other in the direction of the bearing axis. This allows them to reduce the compression loading on the balls while being loaded in the axial direction as well as in the radial direction.

The important thing to remember in the design of an application is to take into account the amount of thrust loading a bearing will be under. In most cases it will be dealt with by selecting the correct radial play, but every once in while it will be appropriate to select an Angular Contact Ball Bearing.

Bill Banning, Miniature & Instrument Bearings Product Manager


National Precision Bearing has recently improved the structure of our sales teams to provide you with a superior sales experience. As you know there are differences in industry and bearing needs throughout the US. Aircraft suppliers, robotics, agricultural customers and medical business vary in location, as do all other types of commercial and manufacturing businesses. We analyzed the strengths of our Sales and Sales support staff so we could create teams to better serve each region of the country.

Your sales team includes the Field Salesperson, Technical Sales Specialist and Sales Assistant. The
Field Salesperson can be onsite on short notice to meet your bearing and bearing application needs. Meanwhile, you have instant access to your Technical Salesperson in Preston to give you price and delivery, as well as arrange blanket orders or source future stock needs. When you need to check status of an order or get a tracking number your Sales Support person will make that their priority. Each member is familiar with your account and any arrangement needed for the smooth running of your business. The Regional Team insures that at all times you have continuity of service and can get your questions answered.

Click here to see your Field Salesperson

Please consider the following special services and explore with your sales team any that will make
your job easier or be more cost-effective for your organization:

• Special packaging requirements • Relubrication of your bearing inventory
• Lubes for special applications • Assemblies of bearings with their housings
• Consignment of inventory  

For more information:

Louie Seaman, Sales Manager


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