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We are offering a wide selection of needle bearings for your applications. The correct lubrication is critical to bearing performance and the life of bearings. Read more about the environment required to give you this level of assurance for your purchased or inventoried bearings.

National Precision Bearing stocks a wide variety of domestic and imported needle roller bearings and is authorized to distribute for a number of quality manufacturers including Timken, INA and RBC. Our inventory includes:

  • Drawn cup
  • Heavy duty
  • Inch & Metric
  • Caged
  • Full complement
  • Needle thrust type
  • Roller clutches
  • Mil-Spec (Ex MS24461)

National has become a supply solution for companies in industries as diverse as medical, aerospace, defense and industrial. NPB has over 25 years experience as a distributor and is ready to work with you to source the best parts for your application.

When you work with NPB not only do you get access to our inventory, you gain the support of our experienced sales staff as well as a wide vendor knowledge base. Additional services such as our
ISO 9001:2000 relubrication facility make NPB a valuable supply solution for a wide range of requirements.

Call your Field Sales Specialist to see how National Precision Bearing can fulfill your needle roller bearing needs!

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For contact information please visit; https://www.nationalprecision.com/sales/

Scott Rinne, Industrial Product Manager

One of the keys to ensuring the efficient operation of your equipment or product is having properly lubricated bearings. Incorrect or expired lubrication can quickly lead to bearing failure resulting in downtime or improper operation in nearly all applications. According to one manufacturer, over a third of bearing failures can be directly attributed to improper lubrication. If you have bearings in inventory with expired lubrication, or you need to order bearings with a specific lubrication requirement, then National Precision Bearing (NPB) can provide the service you need.

NPB runs a Class 1000 clean room and is a certified relubrication facility for NHBB, NMB, and RBC bearings. The clean room is authorized to clean and relubricate aerospace, miniature, and industrial bearings ranging from 1/8 inch to 30 inch O.D. sizes. NPB currently stocks over a hundred different oils and greases ranging from the common instrument oil, Windsor L-245X, to the more exotic Braycote and Krytox greases. Based on your requirements, we can recommend a grease or oil for your specific application. Our clean room runs a positive flow filtration system which filters dust particulates from the air ensuring a clean working environment. Bi-annual tests reveal an average particulate count closer to 100 rather than 1000 particles per cubic foot. NPB also maintains a class 100 flow bench for relubrication and packaging at class 100 requirements. Perhaps NPB's greatest asset is our experienced clean room staff which has a combined total of over 110 years of relubrication experience. On average, our clean room staff is capable of processing 6000 to 7000 bearings each day.

When a bearing is relubricated at NPB, each one undergoes a meticulous and well documented process. Customers can either send in their own bearings to be relubricated, or they can order bearings from NPB and specify their lubrication requirements. In some cases, the bearing configuration such as shields, seals, or open can be specified. The bearings are thoroughly cleaned in one of our two Branson 950R degreasers. These ultrasonic cleaners wash out the old grease or oil from the bearings. When a customer specifies an oil, the bearings are dipped into the oil, or the oil is applied at a specific rate depending upon customer specifications. If grease is required, the bearings are brought to one of our several Tridak greasing stations. Each bearing is filled to the proper grease level in accordance with industry standards or specific customer instructions. The fill levels are then verified through the use of the lubricant's specific gravity and monitored by weighing the bearings on a scale accurate to 1/1000 of a gram. Once the bearings have been lubricated and seals or shields replaced, they can be packed according to customer's requirements in vial packs, pill packs, or poly bags. Customers can also specify what information needs to be placed on the label for each package. Manufacturer's certifications and relubrication certifications can be provided showing complete lot traceability of the bearings through out the entire process. NPB's clean room is also authorized by the U.S. government to preserve bearings under MIL-PRF-32033 and is capable of government packaging in accordance with MIL-P-197K.

Just like a well oiled sports car, bearings need to be properly lubricated in order to maintain optimal performance. National Precision Bearing can help ensure your bearings are properly lubricated. If you have questions about the lubrication of your bearings, or need your bearings to be relubricated, give us a call at 1-800-426-8038.

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John Meneses, Miniature Product Manager

Review your bearing inventory for expired lubrication and call NPB if you have a
bearing performance problem that requires special lubricants.

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