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This month we point out important specific details about bearings.  Details you might have wondered about and details critical for bearings sold to the U S Government.

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Since posting our article titled “Bearings – Made in the USA….Are they really?? (DFARS Regulations)”, we have received overwhelming response and positive feedback.

Numerous Government facilities have contacted us regarding this subject.  We have also heard from many companies producing end products that include bearings.  The results have led to policy changes in the way these bearings are purchased moving forward.  We have concluded that ultimately the U.S. Government wants “100% MADE IN THE USA” bearings.  If a source exists that can produce them, and many still do, the US Government must purchase them.

Foreign bearings are making their way into defense equipment and facilities at an increasing and alarming rate.  In some cases, even counterfeit versions of leading brands have been supplied.  Visit “counterfeit bearings’ on the web for many articles addressing this subject.

Most distributor sales people, whether local or nationwide, are simply not aware of the available USA sources and are quick to respond with “That bearing is only made overseas,” without investigating further.

National’s Government Sales Department will provide valuable assistance in sourcing and supplying USA manufactured products when and where required.

Bruce Dumas, Director of Government Sales

Silver Thin precision thin section bearings are used in numerous exotic and high tech applications.  Made entirely in the USA, they provide precision and performance in applications such as robotics, aerospace, machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing and medical equipment.  Applications requiring thin profiles are ideal for thin section bearings.  They are available in bore sizes from 1” to 36”with cross sections from 3/16 to 1”.  Stainless steel and sealed versions are also available to meet specific application requirements.  Silver Thin bearings are manufactured in three different types.

The C-Type – Is a “Radial Contact” type of conventional bearing design.  It has a single row of balls which allows for Conrad-type assembly.  The C-Type is most commonly used among the three thin section types.  Although the radial type is used primarily in applications with radial loads, it can withstand moderate axial and reversing loads as well as moment loads.

The A-Type - Is an “Angular Contact” type bearing with a reduced shoulder on one side of the inner or outer race ball path.  These bearings accept radial loads and single direction thrust loads.  The A-Type requires an application of thrust to establish the appropriate race and ball contact angle.  These bearings are commonly used in pairs for applications requiring axial loads in one direction or for reversing axial loads.  They provide the appropriate stability, load capacity and repeatability needed in applications requiring higher speeds than the C-Type.

The X-Type - Is a “4-Point Contact” bearing used where a high level of rigidity is required.  This bearing can accept radial and thrust loads in either direction.  They are also extremely effective with high moment loads.  X-Type bearings are designed with gothic raceways creating 4 contact points between each ball and the raceway.  Preloading will provide for additional precision and rigidity of movement.  X-Type bearings may be able to replace two thin section bearings in many applications.

Thin section bearings are specified in areas requiring design efficiency, high precision and minimal space.  Creating space and saving weight are also two key considerations when selecting thin section bearings.  If you have minimal space, but require rotating movement, the National Precision Bearing Group’s Technical Sales Specialists will assist you in the selection of an appropriate thin section type for your application.

Click here to access the Silver Thin selection guide.

Dave Coffer, Technical Sales Specialist.

National Precision Bearing is now carrying four new Myonic integral shield dental bearings in stock.   These replacement bearings work with the W&H Synea, Star 430 Solara, and Midwest Stylus handpieces.  All four bearings have integral shields which provide several distinct advantages over their standard removable shielded counterparts.  The integral shielded bearings provide better shielding capabilities, allow for a better fit, and provide tighter tolerances.  The tighter tolerances reduce radial play variation and lessen vibration and noise in the handpiece, resulting in a more comfortable experience for the patient.  All these factors also result in better performance and a longer life for the bearing.  For more information, ask your technical sales specialist about these new top of the line dental bearings.

Tom Koetje, Miniature Bearing Product Manager


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