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If you can’t see us in Paris, please read below to learn more about two new NPB Aerospace Bearing Lines that offer superior real world performance and reduce environmental impact.

National Precision Bearing is proud to announce two new Spherical Plain and Rod End Aerospace Bearing lines that reduce environmental impact through advances in lubrication, materials, plating methods, linear systems and production techniques.  Beyond being simply a response to the force of public opinion and governmental regulation these advances realize superior real world performance. At NPB, we see the benefit of Green Technology as environmentally friendly bearing production and longer life expectancy, meaning a lower total cost of ownership.

Spherical Plain Bearings and Spherical Plain Rod Ends are two of the most commonly used bearing components in aircraft production and maintenance. Recently, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) published two new revisions to the Government specifications for both Spherical Plain Bearings and Rod End Spherical Plain Bearings. These revisions incorporate both material advances and considerations for environmental impact that benefit the entire Aerospace industry.

Spherical Plain Bearings

In response to advances in material technology the SAE has published a revision to the Governing specification SAE-AS81820 for spherical plain bearings.  It calls for a long life liner system that lasts 100000 cycles compared to the existing standard 25000 cycles before requiring replacement. This liner system is denoted in the part number by an “A” trailing the main specification as shown in the table below. Parts meeting the new revision are dimensionally and functionally equivalents except for their longer life:

Original 25000 Cycle Specification New 100,000 Cycle Replacement
MS14101-() MS14101A-()
MS14102-() MS14102A-()
MS14103-() MS14103A-()
MS14104-() MS14104A-()

Rod End Bearings

In an effort to reduce the use of harmful chemicals, changes are being made to several specifications requiring cadmium plating. The SAE has published a revision to the governing specification SAE-AS81935 that calls for stainless steel material rather than 52100 Chrome steel with Cadmium plating. The part numbers indicating Stainless Steel Rod Ends are indicated in the table below. Parts meeting the new revision are dimensionally and functionally equivalent except for increased corrosion resistance:

Original Cadmium Plated Specification New Stainless Steel Replacement
M81935/1-() M81935/6-()
M81935/2-() M81935/7-()
M81935/3-() M81935/8-()
M81935/4-() M81935/9-()

National Precision Bearing is excited to offer a full range of parts from both of these specifications made by New Hampshire Ball Bearing, the only manufacturer currently approved to supply both specifications.

To investigate incorporating these and other new Green Technology
products contact your NPB Technical sales specialist!

Article by: Melody Dazey, Aerospace Bearings Product Manager

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