Ball Bearings

Non-Standard Ball Bearings

Numerous special applications require non-standard ball bearings.

A few of the more popular sizes are listed below. A wide variety of additional Specials are available upon request.

Applications that require such things as high temperature seals, non-metallic retainers, etc. can be supplied.

Consult National Precision Bearing for engineering assistance at 1-800-426-8038.

Stainless steel, bronze, plastic/polymer and ceramic bearings available upon request.

Part Number
RFQ per item
6201ZZ1/2 6201 ZZ with a .500 bore
62012RS1/2 6201-2RS with a .500 bore
6201ZZ13 6201 ZZ with a 13mm bore
62022RS13 6202-2RS with a 13mm bore
6202ZZ5/8 6202 ZZ with a .625 bore
6202ZZ16 6202 ZZ with a 16mm bore
99502H 6202-2RS with a .625 bore and a 1.375 O.D.
499502H 6202-2RS with a .625 bore, 1.375 O.D. and a Snap Ring on the O.D
6203ZZ5/8 6203 ZZ with a .625 bore
62032RS5/8 6203-2RS with a .625 bore
7109 6202 Z with a 9mm bore