Ball Bearings: Stainless Steel

6000 • 6200 • 6300 • 6700 • 6800 • 6900 Series Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

The 6000 Series, extra light bearings are normally used in applications where space limitations are a primary consideration and shaft sizes are relatively large. The 6200 Series bearings feature deep, honed raceways, resulting in a perfectly balanced bearing. Functionally similar to the 6200 series, the 6300 Series is produced with a larger ball complement and heavier races allowing greater radial, thrust and combined load capacity for a given bore size. The 6700 series has a small cross-sectional area allowing these bearings to require low running torque. The deep thin-walled ball bearings of SS6800 & SS6900 series will bear moderate axial load as well as radial load. These sizes have a lower coeficiancy of friction and higher speed rating compared to other ball bearing types of the same size. When the use of a thrust type ball bearing is not suitable due to high speeds the SS6800 & SS6900 series can be used to bear pure axial loads.

Bronze, plastic/polymer and ceramic bearings available upon request.

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