Bearing Installation, Removal & Testing Tools

Bearing Staking, Removal & Testing Tools

The use of makeshift bearing installation tools and methods can result in several expensive unintended consequences. At its worst, the misapplication of force can result in significant damage to both the bearing and the housing. At best, parts are subjected to unnecessary stresses that could potentially shorten their serviceable life requiring more frequent maintenance cycles and increased potential for unexpected failure. Designed to meet OEM specifications these risks are easily avoidable with the use of appropriate staking, swaging, cutting tools and proof load testers.

NP= National Precision
T= Tri Roller Staking Tool
C= Cutting Tool
IR= Install/Removal Tool
1000 series= Drill Press Tool
3000 series= Portable Tool

NPB Staking Tool Interchange

Bearing Bore (in) Bearing OD (in) Bearing Pitch Diameter Portable Tool Drill Press Tool
Tri Roller Cutter Install / Removal Tri-Roller Cutter Install / Removal
MS14101-3 0.19 0.5625 0.5 NPT3000 NPC3000 NPIR3000 NPT1000 NPC1000 NPIR1000
MS14103-3 0.19 0.625 0.563 NPT3001 NPC3001 NPIR3001 NPT1001 NPC1001 NPIR1001
MS14103-4 0.25 0.625 0.563 NPT3002 NPC3002 NPIR3002 NPT1002 NPC1002 NPIR1002
MS14101-4 0.25 0.6562 0.594 NPT3003 NPC3003 NPIR3003 NPT1003 NPC1003 NPIR1003
MS14103-5 0.3125 0.6875 0.625 NPT3004 NPC3004 NPIR3004 NPT1004 NPC1004 NPIR1004
MS14101-5 0.3125 0.75 0.66 NPT3005 NPC3005 NPIR3005 NPT1005 NPC1005 NPIR1005
0.375 0.8125 0.712 NPT3006 NPC3006 NPIR3006 NPT1006 NPC1006 NPIR1006
0.4375 0.9062 0.806 NPT3007 NPC3007 NPIR3007 NPT1007 NPC1007 NPIR1007
MS14103-7 0.4375 0.9375 0.837 NPT3008 NPC3008 NPIR3008 NPT1008 NPC1008 NPIR1008
MS14101-8 0.5 1 0.876 NPT3009 NPC3009 NPIR3009 NPT1009 NPC1009 NPIR1009
MS14103-8 0.5 1 0.9 NPT3010 NPC3010 NPIR3010 NPT1010 NPC1010 NPIR1010
MS14101-9 0.5625 1.0937 0.97 NPT3011 NPC3011 NPIR3011 NPT1011 NPC1011 NPIR1011
MS14103-9 0.5625 1.125 1.025 NPT3012 NPC3012 NPIR3012 NPT1012 NPC1012 NPIR1012
MS14101-10 0.625 1.1875 1.063 NPT3013 NPC3013 NPIR3013 NPT1013 NPC1013 NPIR1013
MS14103-10 0.625 1.1875 1.087 NPT3014 NPC3014 NPIR3014 NPT1014 NPC1014 NPIR1014
MS14103-12 0.75 1.375 1.251 NPT3015 NPC3015 NPIR3015 NPT1015 NPC1015 NPIR1015
MS14101-12 0.75 1.4375 1.313 NPT3016 NPC3016 NPIR3016 NPT1016 NPC1016 NPIR1016
MS14101-14 0.875 1.5625 1.438 NPT3017 NPC3017 NPIR3017 NPT1017 NPC1017 NPIR1017
MS14103-14 0.875 1.625 1.501 NPT3018 NPC3018 NPIR3018 NPT1018 NPC1018 NPIR1018
MS14101-16 1 1.75 1.626 NPT3019 NPC3019 NPIR3019 NPT1019 NPC1019 NPIR1019
MS14103-16 1 2.125 2.001 NPT3020 NPC3020 NPIR3020 NPT1020 NPC1020 NPIR1020

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