Igus Bearings from National Precision

Igus Bearings from National Precision
Plastics for longer life

NPB is an authorized distributor for igus® plastic bearing products. igus® uses its innovative polymer materials to develop bearing products that provide creative solutions and exceed our customers' expectations. National Precision provides igus® plastic bearing solutions across all lines, and specializes in:

Key Igus Products

Iglide® Bearings

Igus Plastic/Polymer Bushings and Sleeve Bearings

Igus iglide® bearings from National Precision are a durable, cost-effective alternative to bronze, metal-backed and custom injection-molded bearings. Iglide® plastic bearings are self-lubricating and virtually maintenance free.

Igus Drylin® Linear Systems

Igus Plastic/Polymer Liner Systems

Unlike recirculating ball bearing guides that roll, drylin® linear systems are engineered to slide. Sliding elements made of high-performance, self-lubricating plastics allow the technology to be maintenance-free and resistant to external influences. The special materials also make the systems run extremely quietly. By making the switch to drylin®, costs are also reduced by up to 40 percent.

Igus® Igubal® Spherical Bearing Solutions

Igus Plastic/Polymer Spherical Bearings

Igubal® are a complete system of oil-free, self-aligning plastic and polymer spherical bearing elements that include rod-ends, pillow-block bearings, self-aligning bearings, flange bearings, and more.

Igus xiros® Lubricant Free Bearings

Igus Plastic/Polymer Ball Bearings

xiros® lubricant-free plastic ball bearings are maintenance friendly lubricant-free single-row grooved ball bearings. As igus® lxiros® bearings require absolutely no lubrication, they are specified in applications in the medical and food production industries, electronics and cleanroom applications, as well as packaging and chemical industries. Wherever lubrication could be a contaminant, igus® lubricant free bearing solutions may be considered.