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Bearings – Made in the USA … Are they really? (DFARS Regulations)

"Made in the USA" is a traditional mark and label used by many bearing manufacturers. This statement however can be misleading. In today's highly competitive marketplace many manufactures seek international off-shore sources for raw materials and components (such as balls, rollers, cages and rings). As a result many of the "Made in the USA" bearings are finished and assembled in the United States but contain components and materials that have been produced off shore... FULL ARTICLE

Hybrid Ball Bearing Overview

For most ball bearing applications, steel balls are sufficient. As applications become more complex and specialized, alternative ball options become a necessity. The most widely available options for ball bearings are TiC and ceramic balls... FULL ARTICLE

Bearing Basics

The performance of ball bearings can be critically affected by minute particles. Particles as small as 0.005mm can cause problems. To prevent such problems, we use a class 1,000 clean room throughout our bearing assembly operation. "Keeping bearings clean" is the most important rule of bearing use. Avoid exposing bearings to any environment where particles may be present... FULL ARTICLE