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Bearings – Made in the USA … Are they really? (DFARS Regulations)

"Made in the USA" is a traditional mark and label used by many bearing manufacturers. This statement however can be misleading. In today's highly competitive marketplace many manufactures seek international off-shore sources for raw materials and components (such as balls, rollers, cages and rings). As a result many of the "Made in the USA" bearings are finished and assembled in the United States but contain components and materials that have been produced off shore.

It is important to understand the US Government requirements for bearings that find their way into defense related facilities, applications, etc. These requirements are defined in the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations, commonly known as DFARS.

In bearings products there are three DFARS regulations that are commonly required:

  1. Buy American Act - DFARS 252.225-7000

    The cost of its qualifying country components and its components that are mined, produced, or manufactured in the United States exceeds 50 percent of the cost of all its components.

  2. Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals - DFARS 252.225-7014

    Any specialty metals (steel) incorporated in articles (bearings) shall be melted in the United States or Melted in a qualifying country * see DFARS clause 225.872-1 for these countries.

  3. Ball and Rolling Element Bearings - DFARS 252.225-7016

    All ball and roller bearings and ball and roller bearing components either as end items or components of end items, shall be wholly manufactured in the United States, its outlying areas, or Canada.

Should you or your customer require any parts that are of domestic material, or are wholly manufactured in the USA, National Precision Bearing can provide product to meet your needs.

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