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To National Precision Bearing / Mechatronics Inc. Customers, Suppliers, and Partners:

The health and safety of our team and partners remains our highest priority. As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the country and around the world, We know there are significant concerns about the pandemic and how our businesses are handling the challenge. This is new to all of us and, although there are a lot of uncertainties surrounding it, we are taking our response seriously.

As recent "stay home" orders have been implemented in various states, we have been informed that Mechatronics Inc. is considered an essential business as we provide components for equipment deemed necessary in many of the critical infrastructure sectors including, but not limited to, Medical Supplies, Defense Industrial Base, Emergency Services, and Communications. As such, we are committed to remain open.

At this time, Mechatronics Inc. will remain open for business during our normal business hours. We are taking significant steps to ensure the safety of our employees, partners, communities and their families, while also making sure our customers' needs are met. Below are some steps we are taking:

  • We have instituted additional cleaning procedures in our offices and warehouses, including engaging an additional sanitizing steps and enhancing our disinfection practices
  • We are maximizing work from home options for our employees
  • We have modified our paid time-off policies to ensure that our employees—including hourly employees—who miss work due to illness do not suffer loss of income or other benefits
  • We are eliminating non-essential visitors and travel
  • We have implemented increased distancing for all manufacturing, warehouse, and shipping employees
  • We are committed to following the guidelines established by the CDC, our State, and local authorities.
  • We're all facing this new challenge together. We at Mechatronics understand that this issue is cause for concern to many, and we offer our deepest sympathies to those who have already been affected. As circumstances continue to develop, one thing will remain the same: We continue to make our business decisions with the health and well-being of our employees, partners, communities, and families as our highest priority.


Kevin McNulty
Vice President
Mechanical Solutions Group