Mounted Units Flange-Mount Bearings

2-Bolt Rhombus Flange
Mounted Unit Part Interchange

Flange mounted units are used both in light and heavy-duty industries ranging from food processing to construction sites. Flange units are offered in cast iron, stainless, thermoplastic, and ductile material configurations. These units can come with a variety of shaft locking options, including, set screw, eccentric locking collar, concentric locking collar, adapter. Set screw units have two set screws 120° apart in the inner ring. The three seal types available are trash seals, shielded, or regular seals. Flange configurations are utilized in applications in which the shaft is perpendicular to the surface. Flanged units come in two and four bolt configurations. Flange units help certify that the bearing is flush to mounted surface while also providing rigidity.

Part Number
MechPT SKF Dodge Sealmaster NSK
UCFL202D1 UCFL202 FYT15 F2B-SC-15M SFT-202 UCFL202D1
UCFL202-010D1 UCFL202-10 FYT5/8 F2B-SC-010 SFT-10 UCFL202-010D1
UCFL203D1 UCFL203 FYT17 F2B-SC-17M SFT-203 UCFL203D1
UCFL204D1 UCFL204 FYT20 F2B-SC-20M SFT-204 UCFL204D1
UCFL204-012D1 UCFL204-12 FYT3/4 F2B-SC-012 SFT-12 UCFL204-012D1
UCFL205D1 UCFL205 FYT25 F2B-SC-25M SFT-205 UCFL205D1
UCFL205-14D1 UCFL205-14 FYT7/8 F2B-SC-014 SFT-14 UCFL205-14D1
UCFL205-16D1 UCFL205-16 FYT1 F2B-SC-100 SFT-16 UCFL205-16D1
UCFL206D1 UCFL206 FYT30 F2B-SC-30M SFT-206 UCFL206D1
UCFL206-102D1 UCFL206-18 FYT1-1/8 F2B-SC-102 SFT-18 UCFL206-102D1
UCFL206-103D1 UCFL206-19 FYT1-3/16 F2B-SC-103 SFT-19 UCFL206-103D1
UCFL206-104D1 UCFL206-20 FYTJ1-1/4 F2B-SC-104S SFT-20R UCFL206-104D1
UCFL207D1 UCFL207 FYT35 F2B-SC-35M SFT-207 UCFL207D1
UCFL207-104D1 UCFL207-20 FYT1-1/4 F2B-SC-104S SFT-20 UCFL207-104D1
UCFL207-106D1 UCFL207-22 FYT1-3/8 F2B-SC-106 SFT-22 UCFL207-106D1
UCFL207-107D1 UCFL207-23 FYT1-7/16 F2B-SC-107 SFT-23 UCFL207-107D1
UCFL208D1 UCFL208 FYT40 F2B-SC-40M SFT-208 UCFL208D1
UCFL208-108D1 UCFL208-24 FYT1-1/2 F2B-SC-108 SFT-24 UCFL208-108D1
UCFL209D1 UCFL209 FYT45 F2B-SC-45M SFT-209 UCFL209D1
UCFL209-110D1 UCFL209-26 FYT1-5/8 F2B-SC-110 SFT-26 UCFL209-110D1
UCFL209-111D1 UCFL209-27 FYT1-11/16 F2B-SC-111 SFT-27 UCFL209-111D1
UCFL209-112D1 UCFL209-28 FYT1-3/4 F2B-SC-112 SFT-28 UCFL209-112D1
UCFL210D1 UCFL210 FYT50 F2B-SC-50M SFT-210 UCFL210D1
UCFL210-114D1 UCFL210-30 FYT1-7/8 F2B-SC-114 SFT-30 UCFL210-114D1
UCFL210-115D1 UCFL210-31 FYT1-15/16 F2B-SC-115 SFT-31 UCFL210-115D1
UCFL210-200D1 UCFL210-32 FYTJ2 F2B-SC-200S SFT-32R UCFL210-200D1
UCFL211D1 UCFL211 FYT55 F2B-SC-55M SFT-211 UCFL211D1
UCFL211-200D1 UCFL211-32 FYT2 F2B-SC-200  SFT-32 UCFL211-200D1
UCFL211-202D1 UCFL211-34 FYT2-1/8 F2B-SC-202 SFT-34 UCFL211-202D1
UCFL211-203D1 UCFL211-35 FYT2-3/16 F2B-SC-203 SFT-35 UCFL211-203D1
UCFL212D1 UCFL212 FYT60 F2B-SC-60M SFT-212 UCFL212D1
UCFL212-204D1 UCFL212-36 FYT2-1/4 F2B-SC-204 SFT-36 UCFL212-204D1
UCFL212-206D1 UCFL212-38 FYT2-3/8 F2B-SC-206 SFT-38 UCFL212-206D1
UCFL212-207D1 UCFL212-39 FYT2-7/16 F2B-SC-207 SFT-39 UCFL212-207D1
UCFL213-208D1 UCFL213-40 FYT2-1/2 F2B-SC-208 SFT-40 UCFL213-208D1
UCFL214-212D1 UCFL214-44 FYT2-3/4 F2B-SC-212 SFT-44 UCFL214-212D1
UCFL215-215D1 UCFL215-47 FYT2-15/16 F2B-SC-215 SFT-47 UCFL215-215D1

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