Mounted Units Insert Bearings

Insert Bearings
Spherical O.D.

National Precision offers a variety of insert bearings that can be used in numerous applications. Bearing inserts are used to replace worn or damaged bearings in an existing bearing housing without needing to repurchase a new mounted housing. In some cases, the mounted unit does not need to be removed from mounted surface. Insert bearings are designed to be mounted on shafts without using lock nuts, adapters, or shoulders. The inner ring of the insert bearing frequently extends outside of both sides of the housing to provide extra support to the shaft. Typically, these bearings come pre-lubricated with a multi-purpose lithium based grease, and allow for re-lubrication. Insert bearings are also available in free spinning design and a black oxide finish upon request. They are most commonly produced with a spherical OD to allow for misalignment, but are also available with a cylindrical OD.

Part Number
Mech PT* SKF* Dodge* Sealmaster** NSK*
UC202D1 UC202 YAR202 INS-SC-15M 5202 UC202D1
UC202-010D1 UC202-10 YAR202-010 INS-SC-5/8 2-010 UC202-010D1
UC203D1 UC203 YAR203 INS-SC-17M 5203 UC203D1
UC204D1 UC204 YAR204 INS-SC-20M 5204 UC204D1
UC204-012D1 UC204-012 YAR204-012 INS-SC-3/4 2-012 UC204-012D1
UC205D1 UC205 YAR205 INS-SC-25M 5205 UC205D1
UC205-014D1 UC205-014 YAR205-014 INS-SC-7/8 2-014 UC205-014D1
UC205-015D1 UC205-015 YAR205-015 INS-SC-15/16 2-015 UC205-015D1
UC205-100D1 UC205-100 YAR205-100 INS-SC-1 2-1 UC205-100D1
UC206D1 UC206 YAR206 INS-SC-30M 5206 UC206D1
UC206-102D1 UC206-102 YAR206-102 INS-SC-1-1/8 2-12 UC206-102D1
UC206-103D1 UC206-103 YAR206-103 INS-SC-1-3/16 2-13 UC206-103D1
UC206-104D1 UC206-104 YAR206-104 INS-SC-1-1/4S 1-14 UC206-104D1
UC207D1 UC207 YAR207 INS-SC-35M 5207 UC207D1
UC207-104D1 UC207-104 YAR207-104 INS-SC-1-1/4 2-14 UC207-104D1
UC207-106D1 UC207-106 YAR207-106 INS-SC-1-3/16 2-15 UC207-106D1
UC207-107D1 UC207-107 YAR207-107 INS-SC-1-7/16 2-16 UC207-107D1
UC208D1 UC208 YAR208 INS-SC-40M 5208 UC208D1
UC208-108D1 UC208-108 YAR208-108 INS-SC-1-1/2 2-18 UC208-108D1
UC209D1 UC209 YAR209 INS-SC-45M 5209 UC209D1
UC209-110D1 UC209-110 YAR209-110 INS-SC-1-5/8 2-110 UC209-110D1
UC209-111D1 UC209-111 YAR209-111 INS-SC-1-11/16 2-111 UC209-111D1
UC209-112D1 UC209-112 YAR209-112 INS-SC-1-3/4 2-112 UC209-112D1
UC210D1 UC210 YAR210 INS-SC-50M 5210 UC210D1
UC210-114D1 UC210-114 YAR210-114 INS-SC-1-7/8 2-114 UC210-114D1
UC210-115D1 UC210-115 YAR210-115 INS-SC-1-15/16 2-115 UC210-115D1
UC210-200D1 UC210-200 YAR210-200 INS-SC-2S 1-2 UC210-200D1
UC211D1 UC211 YAR211 INS-SC-55M 5211 UC211D1
UC211-200D1 UC211-200 YAR211-200 INS-SC-2 2-2 UC211-200D1
UC211-202D1 UC211-202 YAR211-202 INS-SC-1-1/8 2-22 UC211-202D1
UC211-203D1 UC211-203 YAR211-203 INS-SC-2-3/16 2-23 UC211-203D1
UC212D1 UC212 YAR212 INS-SC-60M 5212 UC212D1
UC212-204D1 UC212-204 YAR212-204 INS-SC-2-1/4 2-24 UC212-204D1
UC212-206D1 UC212-206 YAR212-206 INS-SC-2-3/8 2-26 UC212-206D1
UC212-207D1 UC212-207 YAR221-207 INS-SC-2-7/16 2-27 UC212-207D1
UC213D1 UC213 YAR213 INS-SC-65M 5213 UC213D1
UC213-208D1 UC213-208 YAR213-208 INS-SC-2-1/2 3-28 UC213-208D1
UC214D1 UC214 INS-SC-70M 5214 UC214D1
UC214-212D1 UC214-212 YAR214-212 INS-SC-2-3/4 UC214-212D1
UC215D1 UC215 INS-SC-75M 5215 UC215D1
UC215-215D1 UC215-215 YAR215-215 INS-SC-2-15/16 2-215 UC215-215D1
UC215-300D1 UC215-300 YAR215-300 INS-SC-3 3-3 UC215-300D1
UC216D1 UC216 INS-SC-80M 5216 UC216D1

*Inserts may not be interchangeable in other MFG's housed units
**Inserts will not be interchangeable in other MFG's housed units

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