Mounted Units and Inserts

Mounted Units & Inserts
Part Number Interchange

2-Bolt Rhombus Flange Units

Part Number
MechPT SKF Dodge Sealmaster NSK
UCFL202D1 UCFL202 FYT15 F2B-SC-15M SFT-202 UCFL202D1
UCFL202-010D1 UCFL202-10 FYT5/8 F2B-SC-010 SFT-10 UCFL202-010D1
UCFL203D1 UCFL203 FYT17 F2B-SC-17M SFT-203 UCFL203D1
UCFL204D1 UCFL204 FYT20 F2B-SC-20M SFT-204 UCFL204D1
UCFL204-012D1 UCFL204-12 FYT3/4 F2B-SC-012 SFT-12 UCFL204-012D1
UCFL205D1 UCFL205 FYT25 F2B-SC-25M SFT-205 UCFL205D1
UCFL205-14D1 UCFL205-14 FYT7/8 F2B-SC-014 SFT-14 UCFL205-14D1
UCFL205-16D1 UCFL205-16 FYT1 F2B-SC-100 SFT-16 UCFL205-16D1
UCFL206D1 UCFL206 FYT30 F2B-SC-30M SFT-206 UCFL206D1
UCFL206-102D1 UCFL206-18 FYT1-1/8 F2B-SC-102 SFT-18 UCFL206-102D1
UCFL206-103D1 UCFL206-19 FYT1-3/16 F2B-SC-103 SFT-19 UCFL206-103D1
UCFL206-104D1 UCFL206-20 FYTJ1-1/4 F2B-SC-104S SFT-20R UCFL206-104D1
UCFL207D1 UCFL207 FYT35 F2B-SC-35M SFT-207 UCFL207D1
UCFL207-104D1 UCFL207-20 FYT1-1/4 F2B-SC-104S SFT-20 UCFL207-104D1
UCFL207-106D1 UCFL207-22 FYT1-3/8 F2B-SC-106 SFT-22 UCFL207-106D1
UCFL207-107D1 UCFL207-23 FYT1-7/16 F2B-SC-107 SFT-23 UCFL207-107D1
UCFL208D1 UCFL208 FYT40 F2B-SC-40M SFT-208 UCFL208D1
UCFL208-108D1 UCFL208-24 FYT1-1/2 F2B-SC-108 SFT-24 UCFL208-108D1
UCFL209D1 UCFL209 FYT45 F2B-SC-45M SFT-209 UCFL209D1
UCFL209-110D1 UCFL209-26 FYT1-5/8 F2B-SC-110 SFT-26 UCFL209-110D1
UCFL209-111D1 UCFL209-27 FYT1-11/16 F2B-SC-111 SFT-27 UCFL209-111D1
UCFL209-112D1 UCFL209-28 FYT1-3/4 F2B-SC-112 SFT-28 UCFL209-112D1
UCFL210D1 UCFL210 FYT50 F2B-SC-50M SFT-210 UCFL210D1
UCFL210-114D1 UCFL210-30 FYT1-7/8 F2B-SC-114 SFT-30 UCFL210-114D1
UCFL210-115D1 UCFL210-31 FYT1-15/16 F2B-SC-115 SFT-31 UCFL210-115D1
UCFL210-200D1 UCFL210-32 FYTJ2 F2B-SC-200S SFT-32R UCFL210-200D1
UCFL211D1 UCFL211 FYT55 F2B-SC-55M SFT-211 UCFL211D1
UCFL211-200D1 UCFL211-32 FYT2 F2B-SC-200  SFT-32 UCFL211-200D1
UCFL211-202D1 UCFL211-34 FYT2-1/8 F2B-SC-202 SFT-34 UCFL211-202D1
UCFL211-203D1 UCFL211-35 FYT2-3/16 F2B-SC-203 SFT-35 UCFL211-203D1
UCFL212D1 UCFL212 FYT60 F2B-SC-60M SFT-212 UCFL212D1
UCFL212-204D1 UCFL212-36 FYT2-1/4 F2B-SC-204 SFT-36 UCFL212-204D1
UCFL212-206D1 UCFL212-38 FYT2-3/8 F2B-SC-206 SFT-38 UCFL212-206D1
UCFL212-207D1 UCFL212-39 FYT2-7/16 F2B-SC-207 SFT-39 UCFL212-207D1
UCFL213-208D1 UCFL213-40 FYT2-1/2 F2B-SC-208 SFT-40 UCFL213-208D1
UCFL214-212D1 UCFL214-44 FYT2-3/4 F2B-SC-212 SFT-44 UCFL214-212D1
UCFL215-215D1 UCFL215-47 FYT2-15/16 F2B-SC-215 SFT-47 UCFL215-215D1

4-Bolt Square Flange Units

Part Number
MechPT SKF Dodge Sealmaster NSK
UCF202-010D1 UCF202-10 FY5/8 FB4-SC-010 SF-10 UCF202-010D1
UCF203D1 UCF203 FY17 FB4-SC-17M UCF203D1
UCF204D1 UCF204 FY20 FB4-SC-20M SF-204 UCF204D1
UCF204-012D1 UCF204-12 FY3/4 FB4-SC-012 SF-12 UCF204-012D1
UCF205D1 UCF205 FY25 FB4-SC-25M SF-205 UCF205D1
UCF205-015D1 UCF205-15 FY15/16 FB4-SC-015 SF-15 UCF205-015D1
UCF205-100D1 UCF205-16 FY1  FB4-SC-100 SF-16 UCF205-100D1
UCF206D1 UCF206 FY30 FB4-SC-30M SF-206 UCF206D1
UCF206-104D1 UCF206-20 FY1-1/4 FB4-SC-104S SF-20R UCF206-104D1
UCF207D1 UCF207 FY35 FB4-SC-35M SF-207 UCF207D1
UCF207-104D1 UCF207-20 FYJ1-1/4 FB4-SC-104   UCF207-104D1
UCF207-106D1 UCF207-22 FY1-3/8 FB4-SC-106 SF-22 UCF207-106D1
UCF207-107D1 UCF207-23 FY1-7/16 FB4-SC-107 SF-23 UCF207-107D1
UCF208D1 UCF208 FY40 FB4-SC-40M SF-208 UCF208D1
UCF208-108D1 UCF208-24 FY1-1/2 FB4-SC-108 SF-24 UCF208-108D1
UCF209D1 UCF209 FY45 FB4-SC-45M SF-209 UCF209
UCF209-110D1 UCF209-26 FY1-5/8 FB4-SC-110 SF-26 UCF209-110D1
UCF209-111D1 UCF209-27 FY1-11/16 FB4-SC-111 SF-27 UCF209-111D1
UCF209-112D1 UCF209-28 FY1-3/4 FB4-SC-112 SF-38 UCF209-112D1
UCF210D1 UCF210 FY50 FB4-SC-50M SF-210 UCF210
UCF210-114D1 UCF210-30 FY1-7/8 FB4-SC-114 SF-30 UCF210-114D1
UCF210-115D1 UCF210-31 FY1-15/16 FB4-SC-115 SF-31 UCF210-115D1
UCF210-200D1 UCF210-32 FY2 FB4-SC-200S SF-32R UCF210-200D1
UCF211D1 UCF211 FY55 FB4-SC-55M SF-211 UCF211D1
UCF211-200D1 UCF211-32 FYJ2 FB4-SC-200 SF-32 UCF211-200D1
UCF211-203D1 UCF211-35 FY2-3/16 FB4-SC-203 SF-35 UCF211-203D1
UCF212D1 UCF212 FY60 FB4-SC-60M SF-212 UCF212D1
UCF212-204D1 UCF212-36 FY2-1/4 FB4-SC-204 SF-36 UCF212-204D1
UCF212-206D1 UCF212-38 FY2-3/8 FB4-SC-206 SF-38 UCF212-206D1
UCF212-207D1 UCF212-39 FY2-7/16 FB4-SC-207 SF-39 UCF212-207D1
UCF213D1 UCF213 FY65 FB4-SC-65M MSF-313 UCF213D1
UCF213-208D1 UCF213-40 FY2-1/2 FB4-SC-208 SF-40 UCF213-208D1
UCF214D1 UCF214 FY70 FB4-SC-70M SF-214 UCF214D1
UCF214-211D1 UCF214-43 FY2-11/16 FB4-SC-211 SF-43 UCF214-211D1
UCF214-212D1 UCF212-44 FY2-3/4 FB4-SC-212 SF-44 UCF214-212D1
UCF215D1 UCF215 FY75 FB4-SC-75M SF-215 UCF215D1
UCF215-215D1 UCF215-47 FY2-15/16 FB4-SC-215 SF-47 UCF215-215D1
UCF215-300D1 UCF215-48 FY3  FB4-SC-300 MSF-48 UCF215-300D1
Part Number
MechPT SKF Dodge Sealmaster NSK
UCFX07-107D1 UCFX07-23 FYM--7/16 F4B-SCM-107 MF23 UCFX07-107D1
UCFX08-108D1 UCFX08-24 FYM1-1/2 F4B-SCM-108 MF24 UCFX08-108D1
UCFX10-115D1 UCFX10-31 FYM1-15/16 F4B-SCM-115 MF31 UCFX10-115D1
UCFX10-200D1 UCFX10-32 FYM2 F4B-SCM-200 MF32 UCFX10-200D1
UCFX12-207D1 UCFX12-39 FYM2-7/16 F4B-SCM-207 MF39 UCFX12-207D1
UCFX15-215D1 UCFX15-47 FYM2-15/16 F4B-SCM-215 MF47 UCFX15-215D1

2-Bolt Pillow Blocks

Part Number
MechPT SKF Dodge Sealmaster NSK
UCP201-008D1 UCP201-8 SY 1/2 P2B-SC-008 NP-8 UCP201-008D1
UCP202-010D1 UCP202-10 SY 5/8 P2B-SC-010 NP-10 UCP202-010D1
UCP204-012D1 UCP204-12 SY 3/4 P2B-SC-012 NP-12 UCP204-012D1
UCP205D1 UCP205  SY 25 P2B-SC-25M NP-205 UCP205D1
UCP205-100D1 UCP205-16 SY 1 P2B-SC-100 NP-16 UCP205-100D1
UCP206D1 UCP206 SY 30 P2B-SC-30M NP-206 UCP206D1
UCP206-104D1 UCP206-20 SY 1-1/4 P2B-SC-104S NP-20R UCP206-104D1
UCP207D1 UCP207 SY 35 P2B-SC-35M NP-207 UCP207D1
UCP207-104D1 UCP207-20 SYJ 1-1/4 P2B-SC-104 NP-20 UCP207-104D1
UCP207-106D1 UCP207-22 SY 1-3/8 P2B-SC-106 NP-22 UCP207-106D1
UCP207-107D1 UCP207-23 SY 1-7/16 P2B-SC-107 NP-23 UCP207-107D1
UCP208D1 UCP208 SY 40 P2B-SC-40M NP-208 UCP208D1
UCP208-108D1 UCP208-24 SY 1-1/2 P2B-SC-108 NP-24 UCP208-108D1
UCP209-110D1 UCP209-26 SY 1-5/8 P2B-SC-110L NP-26 UCP209-110D1
UCP209-112D1 UCP209-28 SY 1-3/4 P2B-SC-112 NP-28 UCP209-112D1
UCP210D1 UCP210 SY 50 2B-SC-50M NP-210 UCP210D1
UCP210-115D1 UCP210-31 SY 1-15/16 P2B-SC-115 NP-31 UCP210-115D1
UCP210-200D1 UCP210-32 SY 2 P2B-SC-200 NP-32R UCP210-200D1
UCP211-200D1 UCP211-32 SYJ 2 P2B-SCM-200 NP-32 UCP211-200D1
UCP211-203D1 UCP211-35 SY 2-3/16 P2B-SC-203 NP-35 UCP211-203D1
UCP212-204D1 UCP212-36 SY 2-1/4 P2B-SCM-204 NP-36 UCP212-204D1
UCP212-206D1 UCP212-38 SY 2-3/16 P2B-SCM-203 NP-38 UCP212-206D1
UCP212-207D1 UCP212-39 SY 2-7/16 P2B-SC-207 NP-39 UCP212-207D1
UCP213-208D1 UCP213-40 SYJ 2-1/2 P2B-SCM-208 MP-40 UCP213-208D1
UCP215-215D1 UCP215-47 SY 2-15/16 P2B-SC-215 NP-47 UCP215-213D1

2-Bolt Flange Pillow Blocks

Part Number
MechPT SKF Dodge Sealmaster NSK
UCPX07-107D1 UCPX07-23 SYM1-7/16 P2B-SCM-107 MP23 UCPX07-107D1
UCPX10-115D1 UCPX10-31 SYM1-15/16 P2B-SCM-115 MP31 UCPX10-115D1
UCPX11-203D1 UCPX11-35 SYM2-3/16 P2B-SCM-203 MP35 UCPX11-203D1
UCPX12-207D1 UCPX12-39 SYM2-7/16 P2B-SCM-207 MP39 UCPX12-207D1
UCPX15-215D1 UCPX15-47 SYM2-15/16 P2B-SCM-215 MP47 UCPX15-215D1

Spherical O.D. Bearing Inserts

Part Number
Mech PT* SKF* Dodge* Sealmaster** NSK*
UC202D1 UC202 YAR202 INS-SC-15M 5202 UC202D1
UC202-010D1 UC202-10 YAR202-010 INS-SC-5/8 2-010 UC202-010D1
UC203D1 UC203 YAR203 INS-SC-17M 5203 UC203D1
UC204D1 UC204 YAR204 INS-SC-20M 5204 UC204D1
UC204-012D1 UC204-012 YAR204-012 INS-SC-3/4 2-012 UC204-012D1
UC205D1 UC205 YAR205 INS-SC-25M 5205 UC205D1
UC205-014D1 UC205-014 YAR205-014 INS-SC-7/8 2-014 UC205-014D1
UC205-015D1 UC205-015 YAR205-015 INS-SC-15/16 2-015 UC205-015D1
UC205-100D1 UC205-100 YAR205-100 INS-SC-1 2-1 UC205-100D1
UC206D1 UC206 YAR206 INS-SC-30M 5206 UC206D1
UC206-102D1 UC206-102 YAR206-102 INS-SC-1-1/8 2-12 UC206-102D1
UC206-103D1 UC206-103 YAR206-103 INS-SC-1-3/16 2-13 UC206-103D1
UC206-104D1 UC206-104 YAR206-104 INS-SC-1-1/4S 1-14 UC206-104D1
UC207D1 UC207 YAR207 INS-SC-35M 5207 UC207D1
UC207-104D1 UC207-104 YAR207-104 INS-SC-1-1/4 2-14 UC207-104D1
UC207-106D1 UC207-106 YAR207-106 INS-SC-1-3/16 2-15 UC207-106D1
UC207-107D1 UC207-107 YAR207-107 INS-SC-1-7/16 2-16 UC207-107D1
UC208D1 UC208 YAR208 INS-SC-40M 5208 UC208D1
UC208-108D1 UC208-108 YAR208-108 INS-SC-1-1/2 2-18 UC208-108D1
UC209D1 UC209 YAR209 INS-SC-45M 5209 UC209D1
UC209-110D1 UC209-110 YAR209-110 INS-SC-1-5/8 2-110 UC209-110D1
UC209-111D1 UC209-111 YAR209-111 INS-SC-1-11/16 2-111 UC209-111D1
UC209-112D1 UC209-112 YAR209-112 INS-SC-1-3/4 2-112 UC209-112D1
UC210D1 UC210 YAR210 INS-SC-50M 5210 UC210D1
UC210-114D1 UC210-114 YAR210-114 INS-SC-1-7/8 2-114 UC210-114D1
UC210-115D1 UC210-115 YAR210-115 INS-SC-1-15/16 2-115 UC210-115D1
UC210-200D1 UC210-200 YAR210-200 INS-SC-2S 1-2 UC210-200D1
UC211D1 UC211 YAR211 INS-SC-55M 5211 UC211D1
UC211-200D1 UC211-200 YAR211-200 INS-SC-2 2-2 UC211-200D1
UC211-202D1 UC211-202 YAR211-202 INS-SC-1-1/8 2-22 UC211-202D1
UC211-203D1 UC211-203 YAR211-203 INS-SC-2-3/16 2-23 UC211-203D1
UC212D1 UC212 YAR212 INS-SC-60M 5212 UC212D1
UC212-204D1 UC212-204 YAR212-204 INS-SC-2-1/4 2-24 UC212-204D1
UC212-206D1 UC212-206 YAR212-206 INS-SC-2-3/8 2-26 UC212-206D1
UC212-207D1 UC212-207 YAR221-207 INS-SC-2-7/16 2-27 UC212-207D1
UC213D1 UC213 YAR213 INS-SC-65M 5213 UC213D1
UC213-208D1 UC213-208 YAR213-208 INS-SC-2-1/2 3-28 UC213-208D1
UC214D1 UC214 INS-SC-70M 5214 UC214D1
UC214-212D1 UC214-212 YAR214-212 INS-SC-2-3/4 UC214-212D1
UC215D1 UC215 INS-SC-75M 5215 UC215D1
UC215-215D1 UC215-215 YAR215-215 INS-SC-2-15/16 2-215 UC215-215D1
UC215-300D1 UC215-300 YAR215-300 INS-SC-3 3-3 UC215-300D1
UC216D1 UC216 INS-SC-80M 5216 UC216D1

*Inserts may not be interchangeable in other MFG's housed units
**Inserts will not be interchangeable in other MFG's housed units