Mounted Units Pillow Block Bearings

2-Bolt Pillow Block
Mounted Unit Part Interchange

National Precision Bearing offers a diverse supply of pillow block bearings with applications in timber, publishing, and many other industries. Pillow blocks are made from cast iron, stainless, thermoplastic, and sometimes aluminum material configurations for heavy load applications. Pillow blocks can handle high speeds, radial loads, and minimal axial thrust. In some scenarios, some pillow blocks may also feature ball-conforming tracks and ground bearing plates. Pillow block bearings are able to be secured vertically or horizontally to support rotating shafts and set to a position for reliable operation.

Part Number
MechPT SKF Dodge Sealmaster NSK
UCP201-008D1 UCP201-8 SY 1/2 P2B-SC-008 NP-8 UCP201-008D1
UCP202-010D1 UCP202-10 SY 5/8 P2B-SC-010 NP-10 UCP202-010D1
UCP204-012D1 UCP204-12 SY 3/4 P2B-SC-012 NP-12 UCP204-012D1
UCP205D1 UCP205  SY 25 P2B-SC-25M NP-205 UCP205D1
UCP205-100D1 UCP205-16 SY 1 P2B-SC-100 NP-16 UCP205-100D1
UCP206D1 UCP206 SY 30 P2B-SC-30M NP-206 UCP206D1
UCP206-104D1 UCP206-20 SY 1-1/4 P2B-SC-104S NP-20R UCP206-104D1
UCP207D1 UCP207 SY 35 P2B-SC-35M NP-207 UCP207D1
UCP207-104D1 UCP207-20 SYJ 1-1/4 P2B-SC-104 NP-20 UCP207-104D1
UCP207-106D1 UCP207-22 SY 1-3/8 P2B-SC-106 NP-22 UCP207-106D1
UCP207-107D1 UCP207-23 SY 1-7/16 P2B-SC-107 NP-23 UCP207-107D1
UCP208D1 UCP208 SY 40 P2B-SC-40M NP-208 UCP208D1
UCP208-108D1 UCP208-24 SY 1-1/2 P2B-SC-108 NP-24 UCP208-108D1
UCP209-110D1 UCP209-26 SY 1-5/8 P2B-SC-110L NP-26 UCP209-110D1
UCP209-112D1 UCP209-28 SY 1-3/4 P2B-SC-112 NP-28 UCP209-112D1
UCP210D1 UCP210 SY 50 2B-SC-50M NP-210 UCP210D1
UCP210-115D1 UCP210-31 SY 1-15/16 P2B-SC-115 NP-31 UCP210-115D1
UCP210-200D1 UCP210-32 SY 2 P2B-SC-200 NP-32R UCP210-200D1
UCP211-200D1 UCP211-32 SYJ 2 P2B-SCM-200 NP-32 UCP211-200D1
UCP211-203D1 UCP211-35 SY 2-3/16 P2B-SC-203 NP-35 UCP211-203D1
UCP212-204D1 UCP212-36 SY 2-1/4 P2B-SCM-204 NP-36 UCP212-204D1
UCP212-206D1 UCP212-38 SY 2-3/16 P2B-SCM-203 NP-38 UCP212-206D1
UCP212-207D1 UCP212-39 SY 2-7/16 P2B-SC-207 NP-39 UCP212-207D1
UCP213-208D1 UCP213-40 SYJ 2-1/2 P2B-SCM-208 MP-40 UCP213-208D1
UCP215-215D1 UCP215-47 SY 2-15/16 P2B-SC-215 NP-47 UCP215-213D1

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